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Getting To The Point – Health Posted on September 13, 2017Leave a comment

Understanding How Automated External Defibrillators Work.

Chemical impulses are what power the human heart beats. Heart beats are made possible by specially structured cells that are known as the pacemakers. However, in most cases these cells are affected by medication, stress, external stimuli and physical activity. Chemical impulses in the pacemaker cells can be altered by the factors listed above. One of the most well know heart stimuli but often misunderstood is defibrillation.
Defibrillation involves administering jolt electricity to the muscles of the heart. The electric current helps to depolarize muscles of the heart and hence to enable the pacemaker to reset and continue beating regularly. Defibrillators are the gadgets that are used for carrying out defibrillation. Various brands design various types of the resuscitation devices with differing capacities.

Movies and TV’s shows are nowadays are misleading by showing AED’s that are outdated. The the process of defibrillation is usually carried out through the prophylactic nodes. In order for the nodes to control the heart rate, the nodes are attached to a patient’s chest. Through an electric shock, the nodes can promote a heart rhythm. Unlike what is shown in movies and TV shows, patients of electric shocks do not convulse. What happens is that the patients experience a small amount of rhythmic contraction of the body muscles. Rather then working in a pattern, ventricular cardiac fibrillation occurs when the ventricle quivers.

Today, many companies are available online that offers AED’s. The availability of so many companies offering the gadgets can make it difficult in making a decision of where to start. HeartSine, Cardiacscience, Defib tech, Phillips, Zoll, Welch Alyn, Physio control and CU medical are some of the renown brands in the AED market. By having such a wide range of companies to choose from, some several factors should be considered before a purchase is made.
Why Options Aren’t As Bad As You Think

A lot of information that one needs when purchasing a defibrillator is available online. On line information contributes to matching the budget with specific requirements of the required resuscitation gadget. The first consideration about the gadget of interest are the online reviews. The reviews available online is a good source of information. In checking the reviews, caution be taken so as to avoid overlooking on the reviews done by the manufacturer and not checking on those provided by the end users.
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Options? This May Help

Amazon, the online giant is one of the sites that can provide a reliable source of user review. The reviews made by the customers are objective and not biased. The users give honest reviews of the advantages and disadvantages of the AED’s they have purchased. The problem with manufacturer reviews is that they give only the positive aspects of their defibrillators in order to convince customers to make purchases. A good review should give information by way of comparison between or more AED devices and also provide their positive and negative points.

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